Gcode Error ID:25 - Picsender - 2D Adaptive

Ok, so I’m currently milling some new machine parts in aluminium, and have encountered a strange problem part way through running the code.
I am using 2d adaptive created in Fusion 360, and have used the same settings before (which ran fine).

Yesterday mid job my machine paused and I got an error ID25 when it was part way through the first adaptive cut in the program.
I had the operations all saved individually as well, so I ran just the code for this adaptive cut. Same results…
I then ran a different 2d adaptive cut on the same part, and the same thing happened.

At this point I gave up as it was getting late. Looking today error Id:25 = a g-code word was repeated in the block. I looked at the gcode and cannot see a repeat of anything on the offending line or before it.

So I’m kind of stumped now. I am certainly no g-code expert, but this is not making any sense to me.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

What version of grbl are you using and can you upload your gcode file, or email it to us to test?


I’m using 1.1f, and have been for a while now with no problems.

I will try and attach the gcode in a few minutesLeft X Plate Bearing Seat - Rough.nc (173.2 KB)

Ok there we go

Oh, and the error was on or before line 4691

I just ran your file with PicSender using grbl 1.1f and it did not error. Do you have Vector Gcode selected?


Without the Vector Gcode selected.


I guess I must have deselected that after I updated PS yesterday somehow…

I am away from the shop at the moment but have my laptop with me so can see the box is unchecked.

I guess that would cause no end of trouble (although not exactly sure what is does aside from being laser related)

Thanks for pointing out my stupidity though as I was puzzled with the behaviour.
I think I boggled my mind looking through the gcode so didn’t even notice that it was unchecked.

Great product support as always.


I’ts not laser related. It has to do with either streaming Vector or Raster gcode files which could be for a Spindle or Laser.

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Ah I see. I remembered reading somewhere in passing it disabled some behind the scenes stuff in PS that was used for lasering photos, but I guess the same is used for engraving with a spindle.

Thanks again

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Yes, like carving a Lithophane which would be a Raster Gcode file and you would need to unselect the Vector Gcode when running them in PicSender. There would not be any arc commands (Vector) in those types of gcode files.