Gcode error

I was running a very long carve (STL file) that I purchased on line. The carve runs to 1,195,265 and after I come back to start where I left off I have an error that says error on spindle speed need to restart. What is going on?

How are you starting where you left off?
What sender are you using that’s giving you that error?
You can’t, typically, just start from the last line sent. There’s a header to every gcode file with information needed for a job. That will typically include spindle info.

I pause PicSender without turning anything off and hit restart to continue where I left off.

This is the third time that I had to start this carve over. 15 hours to get to the line 1,195,265.

make sure that your computer has all power management and sleep/hibernate functions disabled.

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I’d split that up into multiple jobs instead of just pausing it.

I am not sure how to set up multiple jobs for one carve. I use Vcarve pro. Any suggestions?

@MichaelDujardin Sorry, I just saw this. Is it just one toolpath, one operation in Vcarve?
If so, I’m not aware of an automatic way, but you can split the gcode “by hand”. I do this by finding a retract move prior to a rapid XY close to where I want to split it. That retract will be the first move in my second operation. I cut/paste the code, make sure to copy any header and footer info to all files. I do a quick scan for anything unusual with G17/18/19, but I’ve never had to change anything. I don’t know that I’d recommend trying this for the first time on a huge file, but once you’re used to looking at gcode, there’s not much to it.

Thanks NeilFerreri1, I will take a look and see if I am comfortable doing this. (maybe not with this carve)