Gcode help

Hi everyone. I did this in solidworks and I wanted to know if someone knows how to do the gcode. the circles are 35mm in diameter x 1.5 in thickness and the tool I have is 1.5.
if someone could help me I will be eternally grateful

here I leave the solidworks file.
grace, cute people:call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::muscle:

55555.SLDPRT (151.3 KB)

What I normally do from solidworks is to create a solidworks drawing of the profile view of the model scaled 1:1. Then export to either an AI file or a DWG file depending on what software you have. Then export to an SVG (from either Illustrator or Draftsight) which I then import into Easel.

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