[gcode import] Rhinocam

For the sake of testing, I will try it tonight.

here is a report back…
note I haven’t tested this on the machine but only to see if the code would import or not and visualize properly.

no need to request an update the post processor (please dont since it is currently fully functional despite the issue with easel and g3… it works great and more efficiently currently in UGCS)

when selecting the option you pointed out, it works fine and that includes a 3axis parallel finish I threw at it.

the only major difference is the effenciency of code since the g2 and g3 commands can be used. 89 lines to make a simple circle rather than 18 with g3 and g2.

Thanks for testing it out. My understanding is Easel can handle bigger files than UGS so the difference shouldn’t impact performance.

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