Gcode line count

I started using Vcarve Desktop. Love it.:grinning: I’m using ‘Gcode (Inch)’ to run my gcode on the X-Controller. Every once in a while PicSender flags as bad a line in runtime. It gives a line number. Are the gcode lines counted by x1, x10, x100? Are comments counted? Is this the same per generating app, or a standard?


every time i had this issue i ended up deleting all non essential entries from the header of the code.
Don’t have any code handy but i think it was something like T1M6 that kept giving me the error.


PicSender only reports errors back from grbl the commands in the file that are not supported. Like Shane stated, the error could be a T1M6 tool change at the beginning of your gcode file. The line count # error report starts from the beginning of the file and includes the comments.

There is a list of supported commands here: https://github.com/grbl/grbl/wiki/Configuring-Grbl-v0.9

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I’ll give it a try.

I really need to get off my rear and learn how to do this I still need a pp for art cam. But for now I save as gcode inch.tap and delete the T1M6. When making gcode in fusion with the xcarve post I can send with easel with no issues but if I send the code with pic sender and leave the T1M6 in the code it can be hit and miss sometimes crashing the z or just stopping with a error so out of habit I always remove it and have had no issues since.

I wonder how this works for you. The header In that file issues a G20 which sets the units to inch. All other modal states are inherited from whatever the machine was doing prior to starting a job.

Then, everything else is commented out except for G0 and G1.

The PP does not turn the spindle on or off.

I think that Easel does a lot of things “behind the scenes” so using this post processor for programs outside of Easel is an iffy proposition.

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When grbl 1.0c powers up it has the following parser settings:

[G0 G54 G17 G21 G90 G94 M0 M5 M9 T0 F0. S0.]

This, most likely, works for a majority of the X-carve users.

Depending on which CAM program you use some of them or all of them may be set up within the G-code generated, or not.

Typically, the values not set up by the CAM program within the G-code are set up by the Post Processor for each machine type. The post processor is also a road map for how the CAM program should generate some of the G-code for that machine type.

One of the reasons that there are so many different post processors.

@RobertCanning PicSender is being nice to you. There is a checkbox that says whether or not you are working in mm or inches and PicSender will change the value (G20/G21) depending on whether the “metric” check box is checked or not. Also, jogging is usually a relative movement so if you request a jog then PicSender will change to “relative” or “incremental” movements (G91)(You can change this behavior and use G90 with the gold MODE box).

This is one thing that trips some people up. They change to G91 to do their jogging and then send a file to the X-carve for spindle work. Unless the Post Processor or the CAM program has include a G90 then the carving is nothing like what they expected.

And notice that the Post Processor that you linked to does not do a G90 in the Post Processor, so there better be one in the G-code file or bad things can happen.

That’s the work of the Post Processor header. The post processor in this case says put a G20 in front of the file. You can test this by changing it to G21 in the PP.

No problem… This is definitely a learning experience. Good discussion.

The post processor file does not do any type of conversion. In the Vectric products when you save the toolpath you get to select the post processor that you use. There are usually two for each machine, one is mm and the other is inches.

I always work in mm so I haven’t experienced a conversion. It could do it, but a common mistake that people make is to select the wrong post processor for the design and it causes problems with the carve.

I would have to do some testing to give a good answer on that point.

[Edit] @RobertCanning I did test using Vcarve PRO and indeed it does do the conversion. If I design something using mm and save the toolpath with an inch Post Processor, Vcarve will convert the dimensions when it writes out the toolpath.

I didn’t know it would do that. Learn something everyday.

I think those are tool change commands.