Gcode milling Issues

I have a issue with my 1000mm xcarve, I have been trying to mill a file but every time I send it something happens , after a couple of minutes doing fine looks like if the X or Y moves and starts to cut in another place , don´t know if the file its to big and has to much information for this machine , I have been send it through UGCS , GRBL and EASEL, the model and the file it was on Rhino and RhinoCam, Somebody know whats the problem?, Thanks

hello could you please post the gcode file here and I will take a look!


01_corte arbol desbaste_ugcs.nc (182.0 KB)

01_arbol desbaste_easel.nc (186.3 KB)

so basically your trying to mill the spaces down around the tree shape in the middle?

what is your

safe z height
retract height
feed height?

any chance you can shoot this design to me in a iges, f3d, or step format?

Grbl (the firmware used for the Shapeoko/X-Carve) has been tested w/ files w/ millions of lines, so software complexity shouldn’t be an issue.

Usually these problems are electro-mechanical. Points of failure / mis-configuration:

  • electrical current as noted by @PhilJohnson above. Notes on this at: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Tuning#How_to_Change_the_Current and the sections before and after that — there may be a link specific to the X-Carve controller, either search for that, or someone can let us know where it’s at
  • overheating — this isn’t usually an issue w/ the newer boards, but used to be one needed a fan / active cooling
  • pulley set screws — these should be checked before each usage of the machine per an operating checklist: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Operating_Checklist — ideally at least one set screw should be lined up w/ and tight against a flat on the motor shaft. If there is no flat, consider adding one (poke the motor shaft through a plastic bag, clamp the shaft, file the flat, then carefully clean up all metal filings)
  • belt tension — this needs to be even for the Y-axis and arguably greater than the specification indicates. Some folks use a spring scale — be careful not to overtension so as to bend the motor shaft. Some information here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Belts_and_Pulleys#Proper_Tension
  • excessive feed rates especially on plunge — please calculate these out for a suitable chip load and match the feed/speed to what your machine is capable of. The Precise Bits folks suggest a testing technique which I’ve found to work well: http://www.precisebits.com/tutorials/calibrating_feeds_n_speeds.htm

CORTE ARBOL.igs (292.8 KB)

Will take a look , thanks

Thanks for your time, will check all the list and make new a new test

thanks for your time .

Here is a roughing strategy that I came up with

sorry for the noise in the back ground lol I had youtube running and I forgot my mic was on so is this what you where after I know your original question was why does my machine go crazy and I am thinking there is an issue with the cam strategy that you are using as it does not happen with mine

Thanks Mate, that Fusion 360 looks really nice, will try more tests and to figure what its happening

Thanks guys for your time, finally as you said, it was a calibration issue, I tensioned the belts and that was all, now the machine its working perfect
Thanks again