GCode Questions

So, I managed to do my first v-carve successfully (with the help of some of you on the forum here!) using F-Engrave. Basically, I just had F-Engrave design the carve (a single word, my last name) and produce gcode. Then I used Universal GCode Sender to run the machine. Here’s what I did in UGS:

Move bit to lower left of workpiece, and right down to the surface.
Click “reset zero”
Turn on spindle
Send the gcode file.
When it was done, I had to quit/do a soft reset, and turn off the spindle.

FEngrave lets you put in a custom header and footer line in the code. I’d like to have it turn on the spindle for me first, turn it off at the end, and actually end the code file (instead of me having to do a soft reset or a $X to get it to finish up at the end). What do I need to change?

Here is the file I used, for reference: name test 5.ngc (124.3 KB)

Help me tune this gcode. This stuff is all new to me. Thanks in advance!

Try this and see if any thing wrong.
You have to put your spindle to Logic, G code will start auto.
Also I add program stop and spindle stop at the end. Will return back to home position and stop.
name test6.ngc (124.3 KB)

FEngrave is free software with very limited features. You may want to consider getting a little better drawing program for your self. Any paid software has option to load your machine’s Post Processor. Like I can name one, ArtCam Express $149.00 and endless capabilities for the beginners. I’m using VCarve Pro which cost about $700.00. In other hand, Autodesk Fusion360 is free to use and generate G Codes for full year, three years if you are student. But Learning curve is very hard.

I had this issue as well, the spindle speed must be S18000. Try that.