Gcode to Easel Noobie

Trying to figure out gcode into easel or running from universal g code sender. Designed on vcarve pro. Any help appreciated kind of new to this stuff. Keep getting error on ugcs saying it hasn’t finished booting. Not sure if I’m missing a driver or something

change your baud rate to 115200

ok will try that

well thank you now have control of machine. Been staring at forum for an hour looking for answer like that and you gave it in 2 seconds

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I have made every mistake imaginable with my X-Carve, that is why I know how to fix it. :slight_smile:

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more of a builder than a computer guy just trying to learn this stuff :smile:

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Just curious what format you are creating gcode in?

I have them all but I think I may have them in wrong location.

got it figured out Thanks

it was actually one of your old posts that helped me out