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I jump from site to site (including this one) to get answers that cover a variety of questions about X-Carve, V-Carve, Easel and other things. To help alleviate this, I proposed a new Stack Exchange site. It won’t go live until there’s enough popularity but it might help our little community. If you are interested, please show your interest by going here:

Admins, if this is counter to your desires, please feel free to delete this :). Just trying to help.

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@JonGlazer I would like to learn more about this concept. What do you think about incorporating this idea into a section in the Inventables support center if I were able to set it up in a way that the community could contribute questions and answers and then rate answers, etc.

That would be great. The format has been around a long time and people get excited about contributing positive responses to the questions at hand. I suggest you go there, find a topic that may interest you, and try participating to see how it works. It seems pretty popular for sure. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about it.

As an aside, I am a web developer of over 20 years so if this is something you want to build, perhaps I can help there as well.

@JonGlazer sounds great I will check it out and follow-up with any questions / ideas. Give me a few days.

LOL the proposal was deleted. I don’t know why. I’ll try to get to the bottom of it. Had a few people interested in it too.

Looks to me like people are using Engineering:

That’s kinda silly. Like wanting to talk about the different dog breeds under a group called mammals. I proposed a group called, specically, CNC. Wonder why they deleted it without any kind of notice.

Pretty much SO thinks that yes, until you have a large volume of questions, dog breeds should absolutely be discussed on (which doesn’t exist, of course). They like to start with broad sites, and then if a particular kind of question gets overwhelming, spin off another one. Don’t start the niche site without evidence that there’s a need - and they way you show that evidence is by getting lots of question-and-answer volume. It’s pretty rare to get a proposal out of Area 51.

It’s possible that yours was closed because it’s very similar to these - and neither had anything like the kind of volume you’d want: