Generate g-code freezes

If you’d like you can share the project… That said the issue for the 2.5d workspace toolpath calcuation freezing is usually one of these causes:

  1. Design uses flat bottom pockets and a Vbit which results in a ton of tiny stepovers.
    • this can be worsened IF the vbit is entered incorrectly, specifically the “width” is supposed to be entered using the maximum width of the cutting area of the bit… this is a silly way to calculate toolpaths, but for some reason this is how easel does it
  2. PC lacks processor power and/or RAM
  3. Browser limits access to RAM (Try Firefox and adjust the setting to allow it to use more ram)
  4. The design has thousands of design elements and might actually calculate if these were combined

anyway, you can follow the 2nd half of this video to set the easel project to unlisted, copy the link shown, then paste the link here… or send it to me in a DM, and I’ll take a look at it for ya and see if there’s anything that I can suggest to make it calculate out…

I’m having the same issue. below is the link to my project. I’m trying to carve a street map for a customer. Need to get this turned around quickly. Appreciate your help in advance.

HI. I am having the same issue. My project freezes when trying to simulate tool path, and wont begin carving the project. Can anyone check out my link and let me know if im doing something wrong?

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Dear Aaron,
Just tested to simulated your model. Takes quite a long time especially during the finishing paths. It tooks a lot of computer ressources (25% of my CPUs) and FIrefox went up to 1.4Gb in Memory. This means your computer has to be ok with that.

The final result is that your finishing process will last more than 11h.

Dear Ahmed
The problem with your model is very similar than the one of Aaron consuming a lot of memory to be generated. Testing it uses 3.5Gb of Memory in Firefox, and I guess that the problem is really here.
Two solutions : improved computer or simplifying the project