Generating Detailed Preview - slowing down design process

Hi all,

so I don’t have very quick PC and for that reason every time I move anything on design Tab I have to wait a while for detail preview to finish the process. Is there a way to switch it off or just close this TAB?

Thanks for any help


Nobody have same problem? Thx for help in advance.

Sometimes. Normally it’s fine, but at times it does slow things down. I don’t know of a way to close the preview tab, though.

Wondering if this is preview itself that is slowing the process or other process, before preview? Maybe someone knows?

Hi Tomasz,

Can you share an example project where this is happening?


I have a relatively well equipped computer but Since the last Easel update this has also been happening to me. Sometimes the “generate Detailed preview” screen is hung up for nearly an hour. Several times I have had to just reload it and start over because it just wont move. Inventables said that the last update would speed up cut times but where is the benefit to that if it takes so much time just to prepare Easel to start carving. I am personally very disenchanted with Easels (and Inventables) performance of late.

We have noticed the same thing. We were told that yes it did get slower after Inventables got carve times much much closer than they have ever been.

I wanted to be able to dismiss the generating preview , but was told the best thing to do is wait for the project to save and hit refresh on the browser.

Not anywhere near optimal but it works although I have lost changes now and again. Probably from not checking to see if it saved first.