Generator 5000 watt

Can you use a Generator with X carve its a 5000 watt

Watts are amps multiplied by Volts, my DeWalt spindle draws just over 1 amp while running at the 1.5 speed setting, and my xcontroller and laptop draw 3 amps.

4 amps (total) multiplied by 120v is 480 watts, which is well below 5000.

The thing you need to be careful of with electronics however is making sure the power is a clean sine wave. If you’re going to use a generator you should make sure it outputs a clean wave, or you can buy an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also called a battery backup, which would clean up the power, or any other device which would supply clean power.

I agree with both Darryl and Robert. If it’s me, and a long way from a power source, I’m putting in a sub panel where my X-Carve is so I have power. If it’s 100 feet or so and used once in a while, I’m buying a very heavy duty outdoor extension cord or if it’s a short distance, any decent 3 prong extension cord will work fine. Just remember, the longer the distance, the bigger the wire should be because of voltage drop and power loss, not to mention fire risks. Consult an electrician if you’re not experienced.

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Look for “Active Power Filtration”
Most have just a fancy surge protector built in.

Thanks for the info