Generator Power Vs Grid Power

I’m just curious, can a Xcarve or a CO2 laser properly function on a Generaor?

I know that the power is slightly different coming from a generator as compared to the grid. However I do not know enough to know if it is safe for the equipment and not damage the electronics.

Depends on the generator that you get.

There are some devices that require a pure sine wave to function properly.

You can get generators that do produce a pure sine wave, but they are not the units that you buy at Home Depot and the like.

We live in a rural area where power is not as reliable as one would wish, but we cannot do without power for more than about 4 hours at a time. I have run everything in our house on “inexpensive” generators with no ill effects, but I have not actually run the Xcarve on the generator. Should the need arise I would not hesitate to fire it up on our generators.

I have the Honda EU3000is I will have to see if it produces pure Sine Wave or not.

I was curious about this Incase I wanted to take a machine to a craftsfare or something

That should be fine for the Xcarve.

Don’t you need 220 volts for your laser?

My current laser yes it is 220v. But that monster is not easy to move. I am considering one of the smaller, more portable CO2 lasers. Such as the K40 to transport for craft fairs.

As long as you don’t exceed the generator current capability with the K40 and accessories you should be fine.

In my experience household generators of any decent caliber should produce a “clean” 60 Hz sine wave as long as the engine is running at the appropriate RPM; normally 3600 RPM for a 2-Pole generator.

So, as others have said, as long as you use a generator that is of the appropriate output frequency/ voltage and do not overload it you should be perfectly fine. That being said I would watch what large loads I start while sensitive equipment is being powered by a generator.



Thank you for your assistance Gentlemen much appreciated