Generic login for a classroom?

Could I have 20+ student all logged into the same generic school account so it is easier for me to keep track of all of the student projects?

I think you can have as many people signing into Easel from one account on multiple computer as you want. It would just get dicey if you had people working on the same project file at the same time, or it might be hard to make sure no one deletes someone elses project.

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Thanks @Rusty! I will test it out. I will work out a naming convention with the students to keep them organized. I really just wanted to use the account as a repository so it sounds like it will work out well. I will report back.

No problem, hope it works out for you!

Thanks @PhilJohnson. I will keep that in mind.

For sharing projects, make use of Easel’s Share project feature.
That can allow students to “import” other student’s or teacher’s projects as well.

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Thanks @JeremyJohnstone!
That is a great idea. That way I can make copies of the projects and ask the older students that are working with the younger students to back up the projects also.