Genesis Clock

Hi again, my problem now is I’m making the genesis clock from Clayton Boyer and having extended my machine to 3040 I still have a part that I need to split. I’m using Inkscape but can’t find the info I need to split the part the way I’m wanting. The part is the frame and I want to split it into a few parts with way to locate them accurately once cut out similar to the mock up I made as in the picture.

I can supply the actual part file as a .svg if it helps
Thanks in advance to the knowledgeable people here.

you can take this puzzle piece creator concept (video below) and apply the same basic principles to your parts in order to split them apart; creating overlays for those cuts you want to make and then using the combine and xplode functions to separate the main part into seperate pieces as needed.

Size Note, I suggest a 2 layer design with the 2 layers using 2 different connections, then when you connect the parts, the offset connections and gluing the whole thing back together after CNCing will make it align better and will make the template much stronger.

Here’s some tips about making/using templates from Katz Moses that I saw a year ago… he doesn’t show the exact process of making the template itself, but sticks to more the best practices for using it after it’s made…


Thanks for that. I’ll give it a try later.

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