Geneva, Switzerland - Anyone from around here?

Are there any X-Carve/Carvey users based in or around Geneva, Switzerland? I’ve just ordered an X-Carve and am looking for places to purchase carving materials from (different types of wood, aluminum, corian, delrin, etc.). Any tips?

Also, if there are other people from around here, I’d be very happy to investigate if we could help one each other (e.g. buying in bulk, sharing shipping costs, etc.).


i’m form “vallée de joux” not that far…
I lived in Geneva before ^^

you can buy a lot of these material in “m-park la Praille”
or go to Hornbach in Aubonne near ikea…

BTW you can still go in france, leroy merlin in Annemasse

i’m open to Sharing shipping cost

Cool! Thanks for the heads-up. I should receive the X-Carve in October. Will let you know. In the meantime, je t’offre volontiers le café si tu passes par Genève un de ces jours :wink: