Genuine nostalgic imitation AM radio mp3 player

I’m very proud of my latest project. Couldn’t have made it without my X-Carve. Useful info:
By knowing the diameter of the top arc I was able to determine the length of the arc and the angles I would need to cut the four pieces to make the arc and the length of each piece. (OK, I don’t get points for sentence structure.) but who knew Mr. Hoyte’s geometry lessons would pay off just 53 years later. Tools used to make mp3 player: X-Carve, k40 Chinese laser, table saw, band saw, scroll saw, belt sander, drill press, palm sander, soldering pencil, glue gun and assorted hand tools.


Nice job how about a but more info on the build electronics ect

all electronics were bought on ebay. All came from China. all prices include shipping Need one of everything except push buttons 4 required.
mp3 decoder board with amplifier, 2ea for $3.12
momentary push button ON/OFF switch pkg of 10 $1.72
2 pin 12V ON/OFF rocker switch pkg of 10 $0.78
2" 4ohm full range audio speaker pkg of 2 $4.66
The decoder board is very well labeled. I used a 3 AA battery holder I already had.
It also has a micro USB socket for power. Like the one on most android phones.
input slots are for either a micro SD card or a USB thumb drive.
4gb micro sd card can hold as many as 1500 mp3’s

Thanks for the info might look into it.