Get rid of the little bits in PVC?

Total stupid newbie here.

How do I clean up jobs like the one pictured below?

Is it about using a different router bit? (I used the one that came with the Carvey

or is there something to do AFTER the job is done?


Brush or try a Scothbrite mop or similar.

I use a xacto knife for deburring plastics hold the blade perpendicular on the cut edge and knock them off

You can get rid of just about all of them by running another pass. You can do it at the same depth but since you don’t seem to have an issue with buildup on the bottom raise it slightly.

Ive been doing a lot of led lit signs and doing a second pass really takes most of it off.

– Edit –
What material is that?

great idea, going to try it. Thank you.