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Getting a "Curtain Effect" with 7w JTech laser on X-Carve

Hey there! I have been running my JTech 7w laser on my X-Carve with X-Controller for about 3 weeks now and I was doing a test burn on a piece of cedar and I began to notice some vertical lines in the solid filled squares.

I looked back at some previous test pieces I have done and I can see it faintly on those also. (I think that the cedar is the softest material I have tested on and that is why it is more prominent.) I am not sure what may be causing this.

What I have tried.

  1. Cleaning all rails, bearing, wheels, etc.
  2. Checked that all V-Wheels are adjust appropriately.
  3. Check belt tension and adjusted accordingly. (Not to tight, not to loose as far as I understand)

I found a similar thread here but was closed.

Here are my GRBL settings if needed, and if I can provide anymore information, I would be more than happy!