Getting back into CNC

I have not touched my Xcarve 1000mm in over 2 years. Just wondering if universal gcode sender is still the way to go? I have an older version of aspire that I’m probably going to stick with just didn’t know about the unrefined and clunky gcode sender. Thanks, John

I’m using Chillipeppr since UGS was making some trouble on my machine and I didn’t have the nerve to investigate further. Many others are using UGS just fine afaik.

I am using UGS 2.0 Classic and its been solid with my plain Aurdino controller.

Well I was hoping something a little more refined and revolutionary would have come out but I guess it’s just as well. Now I don’t have anything new to learn, just need to remember what sort of feeds and speeds to use. Does UGS 2.0 have a reliable automated zero function?