Getting error with x and y cuts; consistantly

Hey community, need a little advice.

I am having issues with off cuts and square cutouts. After squaring the waste board and match the lengths on the rails (square) and i keep getting this:

Any suggestions? It is obvious I am getting some twisting here, but is it my 23 motors? Or more likely just a v wheel or belt tension issue? Getting frustrated trying to match left to right belt tension and v wheels and looking for some suggestions or other possibilities for my issues?

Appreciate all advice and or suggestions. I know I can get a cleaner cut. Using v carve and running through easel.


As well, are you using dust collection?

Yes I am. What are your thoughts? Causing issues on my z axis?

Thanks, running a 1/8 inch 16th deep @ 40 ipm. Any slower it seems to start burning. Ball park 18000 rpm. I will play with the z axis, haven’t done much there. Thanks for suggestion.

It can pull on the Z-axis causing cut defects (actually enhance any slack there might be present in the mechanics)

With plastics the best bet is to go with single (1F) flute straight bit and as low rpm as practical. (in order to get a good cut per tooth)
I suspect you have some rigidity issues causing this.

I had an issue with pockets that was related to the dust collection that might be an issue with yours as well, but not sure.
My issue was that I wanted maximum contact between the material and the bristles to ensure all the dust was being sucked in. I would press down on the dust shoe slightly to give me that “seal”. This gave me ridges and odd cuts. I watched it carefully and noticed that the bristles very stiff, and when the machine changes direction (x or y axis) it would raise the Z axis slightly. Because the dust collection acts as a lever, it will push up on the Z axis. This might give you some issues and might be something to consider.

I have this chatter on my z. Can not locate the culprit?

It appears so. I have the bottom v wheels (away from router side) so free, they aren’t even spinning. And it still has chatter. Have any ideas? Tried moving the adjustment nuts to different positions with little success eliminating the chatter.

So I found just a slight slip with my lower z axis v wheel. I will run a couple cuts and see what happens. Thanks for you time either way. I will follow up with my results.


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The shape is much improved. Much cleaner lines after not only tightening the z axis screw, but actually “loosening” the lower v wheel as well to prevent binding. I will continue to adjust as best I can. Now on to the next one!



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