Getting hung up using the VTransfer program and other questions

I have successfully (after quite some time) assembled my X-Carve machine and have successfully tested the machine and produced the test carving. Now I am having problems connecting my PC (Software- VCarve Pro) to the X-Carve using the Transfer program. I have produced a very simple name plate design and saved the file and saved the toolpaths When I try and use the Transfer program (1) it identifies the serial port with no problem but keeps getting hung up in the “initialising” step or in the looking for “gbrl” phase and never connects to the machine. What post processor and tool path should I be using??? I was trying to connect using X-Carve (inch) but that does not seem to work! (2) does anybody know what the three white buttons are for on the X-Controller??? Any help in solving my connection problem would be greatly appreciated. Please keep it simple or provide specific steps since I am not really a PC expert.

Vtransfer is a work in progress.

If you could try one of the better known sending programs it might be helpful in identifying the problem. Then you can work out the issue in your workflow,

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Make sure you don’t have Easel open when you try to connect with another program.
I agree with @LarryM. I’d avoid V-Transfer. There are so many other, nicer, proven options.

Could you recommend another Transfer program…Thank you

Could you recommend another Transfer program - Thanmk you

My favorite is CNCjs.

I prefer UGCS (Universal G-code Sender) version 1.0.9. That is the latest version that is considered to be stable. There is an attempt to make a stable 2.0, but that hasn’t met with much success. UGCS is free and requires that you have JAVA installed on your machine.

I use it for small jobs and for some of the conveniences it provides.

The other sender that I use requires a modest license fee (I think it’s $30 USD). It is PicSender and I use it for the larger jobs. I have never had it fail due to he size of the G-code file and it is very useful for those who do spindle and laser work. There is a demo period that you can use to see if you like it before you have to pay the license fee.

There are many other sending programs (both free and paid) I’m sure that others will expand on the list of sending programs.

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Personally, I like UGS Platform. In my estimation having macros is a huge benefit for any sender as it makes things much less tedious. Platform also allows the user to customize the layout of interface. I can position controls to work best for my workflow.

Another plus is having two movement settings for jogging. X/Y is one but Z has its own (UGS Classic has this too). My Z is usually set at .05" but the X/Y is .5" or 1" (or more). I use a macro to raise or lower Z either 1" or .5" and then the jog button to come in closer .05 at each press. When I get close to the surface I either probe with a macro or switch to the MM settings to approach the surface .05 mm per press of the jog button. Makes setup for the carve quick and easy with no changing feed rates with the keyboard.

This is my custom layout -

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I’ll take the easy one. :slight_smile:

The “pause” button will raise the spindle mid-carve, but will not scrub whatever carve sequence you’re running. If you then press the “play” button, your carve will resume. If you instead press the “stop” button, it will scrub the program and halt the carve.

They’re basically a way to pause/halt the carve in software rather than smashing the E-stop button.

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