Getting inkscape to generate a gcode

hello for some reason I cant figure out how to make a gcode in an inkscape. I feel this program is not much more user friendly that vcarve desktop. can someone please walk me thru this?

inkscape cannot generate Gcode. You will need some cam software to do that.

If you save the SVG file, Easel can often import it and convert it to G-code for you depending what you need.

I want to use vbits how do I go about using vbits in easel then?

what other programs can I use to generate a gcode that accepts svg files besides easel

Makercam will work, just watch a few vids on youtube

can I import images and trace them?

F-Engrave works great for generating code for V carving. It takes a DXF file (or image file), but inkscape can save those as well. That is what I use mostly. Best of all, it’s free.

Then either use Easel or UGS to send the G-Code to the machine.

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Inkscape is able to do a laser gcode why wouldnt it be able to make a regular gcode?

I have i dont understand the tools and what to use it get everything to that part then im lost