Getting parts now or later for 1000mm upgrade?

I currently have the 500mm x-carve, but may want to expand later to the larger version if I become less space constrained in the future. I am a bit concerned that if I wait, the current version of the maker slide may no longer be available, so am considering ordering it now so I have the parts and upgrade a few years down the line. Is that a reasonable concern? To do this I would just need four 1000mm lengths of maker slide, right?

I don’t think there is any danger of maker slide going out of production any time soon.

My advice wait a bit, see if Inventables comes up with a “Upgrade Kit” for the 500’s
(You would need the Makerslide, longer belts, longer rails and brackets to support the waste board. Read the assembly instructions for the 1000 that will give you an idea of the parts and part #s)

There is a very good chance that by the time you are ready to upgrade there will be other upgrade enhancement options as well. (Like the Shapeoko 2 to X-Carve upgrade now)

Also it really depends on what your going to be cutting, I hear the 500 is a lot better with metals as it is more rigid as well as pcb boards. So it really depends if you need the extra size.

Good points - thanks! I think I will hold off in that case.