Getting the correct dimensions for a PCB holder

Hi everyone,

Just got the XCarve up and running. My first project is going to be milling PCBs. The plan is to mill a pocket in MDF that holds the circuit board while the PCB is being milled. So, I measured my circuit board at 103.1mm x 74.5mm. I designed the pocket at 103.5mm x 75.0mm. It actually milled at 102.4mm x 73.3mm.

Any ideas? The pocket is 1 mm deep with 2mm corner holes. It’s cut in a single pass with a DeWalt 661 and 1/4" milling bit from Inventables. I’ve already bumped the current limit on the x and y axis, was experiencing slipping. I’m also pretty much certain the X and Y axis’s aren’t slipping as the holes went 1mm deep initially, the pocket was routed, and then the holes were finished to 2mm and the bit position was spot on with the second drilling.

Any ideas? Thanks!

You probably need to calibrate hour X-Carve, although improper belt tension may have something to do with it. Check out my calibration and belt tension videos at X-Carve Maintenance/Troubleshooting Videos - Add Your Own!.

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Yeah, the calibration part would do the trick I suspect. Thanks much!

Calibration of the steppers was indeed the answer. Thanks!

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