Ghost Box Halloween Project

Hey everyone here is a project that I am working on that is pretty new I am machining a complete box out of some old 2x12’s

checkout the video

So I am looking for suggestions from everyone on how to finish the box we of course are going to do the solder inlay in part 2 but how should I finish the rest of it?

Burnt Natural?

Let me know what you think!!


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Hmmm, I’d say try a super-dark reddish stain and hit it with a high-gloss. Make it look like as fancy as an expensive casket. May want to throw some handrails on at that point though, and that would look better with a casket shape instead of a body box…

hmmm like this

I have always had bad luck with stain on pine wood it never seems to look good I might try it on a test piece

I like the idea of the handrails I wish that I had a metal lathe to make some custom brass or copper rails that would look cool

Yup, that color and high gloss would make me think of it more as a casket. :smile:

If you use pre-stain conditioner, the pine should take the stain a lot better. It reduces the blotchiness and such. Try it on a scrap first, but I’ve had some decent luck with it.

As for rails, I bet you could find some small cheap curtain rods that you could cut to size. You could even make the mounts out of wood and finish them with high gloss metallic spray paint.

Now you’ve got me wondering how to make the mounts on the X-Carve. I just ran it last night to cut out some ghosts for the family to paint, and I’m itching to get back in there…


okay yeah I will try that out on some scrap pieces and see how it turns out I think your right though that would give it a good casket look

hmm yeah curtian rods would work but you read my mind lol how to make the mounts might be a good thing to model in fusion and 3d carve it I will have to ponder that for a little bit

lol so I was looking for ideas on casket handles and so I typed into Google “Expensive caskets” and this is what it came up with!!