Giant 3D Puzzle. Dragon Skeleton. Just Show Casing

I did up a Giant Dragon Skeleton, out of 1/2" Baltic Birch. It stands close to 6’ long, with a 7’ wing span.
Really proud of it, and wanted to show it off.


really really cool!

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Nice Job on the Dragon and Video!

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Super cool. Thanks for sharing.

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That looks awesome!!

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You should be proud of that. Its amazing!

It is great!! are you able to share the vector files for it?

Looks to be the Dark Soul Dragon from

It is. You have to resize it, for 1/2”, they have a copyright on it, though i’m Not sure how valid it is, i’ll Folllow it. I suggest lengthening the slots along the wing connections, in 1/2” they’re not that strong, and where the torsos connect. Do everything as an outside cut, except for the “eye” slots, do them as either on line, or inside(my preference).
I played around with other aspects as well, but those are the main ones that should be looked at if you’re going big.

They have a copyright on them, not sure how valid it is, but i’m Not going to risk it.
See below comments for more info.

I’m putting serious consideration into cutting one out of PVC sheet and using it as a Halloween display.

they have a copyright on it because i designed it and i own makeCNC… all makeCNC patterns and copyrights are mine and are valid thank you very much

Very cool. And I found that makecnc site in this thread too !