Giant ID-10-T issue

So, I have found a large issue with the xcarve, code named ID10T…

As you can see, it should be round… The idiot who clamped it didn’t check it to make sure it didn’t move… Which is me, sigh, yes this is me making fun of myself. But also an FYI and a watch out. Just because you used it once and it was fine, just putting the next piece in and clamping it the same way doesn’t mean it’s ready. Double check all clamps… Or you’ll be sanding. Or remaking it.

Lol sorry if this is in a wrong section but I am frustrated with myself. Went too fast and messed it up.


Live and learn.

most of us have done something along these lines, i would venture to say…

I have definitely done this! Glad to see someone else use the trouble shooting code ID-10T! Good luck!

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