Gift box with a nice accent

I made a small gift box for a relative graduating from high school. Nothing remarkable about the box, just uncoated birch. However, I really like how this nameplate on the box turned out. I glass bead blasted the plate after engraving and them sanded it with a fine sandpaper for a brushed look. Made a nice accent, IMO. The plate is 4 cm tall.


That is rally nice and the glass beading tops it off. Well Done!

What kind of metal is that? Looks very nice.

It’s 3 mm thick aluminum.

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Looks great

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That is really nice. Well done and thanks for sharing.

Really like how that plate turned out. I am going to have to give that a try.

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Really nice! Did you glass bead the entire front and then sand it off the front surface, or did you mask and only glass bead the lettering?

Blasted the whole thing, no masking.