Gift for Japanese host

Traveling to Japan for a snowboarding trip Monday morning. Made this sign for my hosts.


Very minimalistic. The Japanese people love that though.

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Anyone else having trouble seeing the picture?? I don’t see what it is

I’m thinking this is a minimumal joke

I don’t see anything either.

I like the ninja theme.


Didn’t realize that it didn’t upload. Fixed

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Sorry, I’ll delete the photo

Me too.

Ninja snowboarders, cewl!

(I didn’t arrive in time for the ‘joke’)

Fantastic sign. Very creative!

Thank you

I originally made one with a cherry blossom tree, no leaves or flowers of cousre because it is winter. But it wss too busy, and didnt look right. I wasnt sure how to color the tree.


Thanks Angus, I just wasn’t sure how to color it

Is that Carrot Top on the right side? (AKA the flying tomato)

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This is a great job. I wish I was close to be able to see how you did it. It is my bet it will be more than appreciated. I do not care what others may say, I am impressed.


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My host

very much liked and appreciated the gift.