Giving up on Easel

I’ve been working on a decently complex project and just have become more and more disgusted with Easel. It was great for simple stuff, WYSIWYG stuff. But after repeatedly saying “It’s the only software you will ever need” it just hangs up forever when I try to more complex stuff. This is even more frustrating after using one of my ‘day passes’ even though the big selling point of the x-carve was the free ‘only software you will ever need’ built to run on it but then discovering that if I wanted to do some cool things that were newly offered I had to pay by the day or subscribe by the month. My day passes used so far could have bought 1/6 of Vcarve, and the one I used up tonight has just let it spin and think for the last hour, it hasn’t moved from home. Definitely going to stop paying for day passes that are wasted and save up for vcarve but frustrated that I have to based on how this was advertised. In the meantime thanks a ton to Phil Johnson for his F-engrave tutorials. I’ll be spending my time trying that learning curve rather than pumping money to inventables for software that doesn’t work.

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If you had a problem with a paid day with Easel Pro you can get credit. Call customer service

Good to know. I still think I’m moving on. I’m just frustrated that what was represented when I started this journey has been unilaterally changed. I wouldn’t mind paying at all, if I could count on it to work. Clearly I’m thinking of a $350 solution. Getting a $6 refund still doesn’t carve my project.

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I moved to VCarve Desktop for most projects and use only Easel for simple quick projects

Yes, Vcarve Desktop is worth the money,

@EdwardRKeating check out some of my videos. I use VCarve to do the design and create the gcode and use Easel as the sender. Here is a link:

I will. Thanks so much!

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I don’t have anything against Inventables, I think they are a great company.
However; I have never used Easel only because I don’t want anything to do with any software that is tied to the internet in any way shape or form.
When I bought my machine, I got Vcarve desktop at the same time and love it.
You can download a full version and try it out.
It will do everything except carve.
You will never be sorry for buying a Vectric product as they too are a great company.

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After using VCarve with Picsender I never went back to Easel.


V Carve Desktop is worth every penny. I will up grade to pro as soon as I can afford it. Good luck with yours. You will be amazed at the difference.

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I never could get easel to work for me. Terrible internet in my shop. Plus it kind of sucked. Admittedly it has come a long ways since then but still no interest in using it.

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