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Glitch with tabs and border cuts PLEASE HELP

Hi guys, please help. I’m having trouble trying to cut pieces for a box assembly. First problem, if I don’t max out the depth of cut on every piece, the tabs menu doesn’t even appear. Second, the detailed preview doesn’t show the entire border cut, nor the tabs, also doesn’t generate the cut path! So the pieces come out incompletely cut. Is there a fix or a work around? I’ll try to attach a video where you can see that when I toggle the depth of cut, it renders the correct cut for a second and then reverts to the error/glitch. Thanks for any assistance and have a great day!

Can you share the Easel project?
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Hi, this problem happens on every single project of mine! I can never see the tabs in the preview!! I’ll send you for example the project that I’m working on right now! Thank you. Nube, corazones y datos nacimiento bebé.zip (87.6 KB)

Tabs are not visible in preview, if you show the simulation and zoom in at the toolpaths you can see where it will lift up. But the tabs themselves have never been visible in the 3d preview pane.

The tabs shown in the design pane with the yellow dots and can be moved around.