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Go "a bit deeper"

How about when a job finished a function to “go deeper” Where it picks up from the end of the job and cut’s everything “a bit deeper” user specified and picks up where it left off. So when someone runs a job and if it didn’t go all the way through then the user can finish it off. I realize it would be “experimental” but could be a life saver in a pinch.


I second this because of things that I have done in the past. :wink:

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I made the same request earlier:

I am aware of workarounds but would like the abililty to either enter a Z-offset value or reset Z independently to X/Y.

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When I have run into this issue on occaision, once the machine returns to 0,0,0 + safty height , I simply jog the z axis back to zero, jog again, -z to the added depth I want, usually .01-.02" or so and reset the z zero. then I run the file again. If need be i can do this until I am satisfied with the result.

By your logic pencils don’t need erasers, but there they are.

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The first time I had a cut not go all the way through I started adding .02 to the measured depth of every cut. If I am not cutting into the wasteboard I am doing something wrong. It is just a huge mess if the cut does not go through due to variations in the stock thickness.

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you can do it 2 different ways.
1 the way others just suggested by setting your cut to your material. I find that ok if my waste board is perfect to my bit.
2 you can use a thin waste material to raise your board up a bit and then set the depth deeper than the measured material so it goes all the way through to the thin board.
This is what I use for my cuts as my waste board keeps changing on the depth over the surface and I can’t seem to get it perfect.

I do it a little different. When I need a bit more depth I increase the total depth of cut in the “Cut” dialog box by the additional amount I want to go down. Then I go to the “Cut Settings” and set the depth of pass to the final depth I just entered. No need to reset Zero in any direction. Use the “use previous home” and the carve will just go to the final depth and cut “A Bit Deeper”.

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i would love to see a feature like this. People saying “anyone who wants this isn’t using the software correctly” are just being ridiculous. Perhaps some people want different things from you. Perhaps the depth of your cut is more of a judgement thing where after you see it, you decide you would like it a little deeper. This doesn’t mean the software did something wrong. It also doesn’t mean that the user did something wrong. It just means, maybe I looked at my cut, said “maybe just a bit deeper” and want to hit a quick button to do that. Since this would effectively be something similar to REST machining, I think this would be a very valuable feature to have.

Please don’t criticize someone’s feature request as them not knowing what they want or what they are doing.


I agree,I think this would be a really useful feature. To protect my wasteboard from the wear and tear of students, I have them put sections of pizza boxes between their workpiece and the wasteboard whenever they are making a through cut, but pizza boxes are not exactly precision made. They flex and compress irregularly and frequently we find that while we properly measured the material thickness, the cardboard squished down a bit more in one area or another and so the cut didn’t quite go all the way through in some places.

A quick way to tell the X-Carve to make just one more pass a bit deeper would save a lot of machine time, and with 120 kids through my shop each day, machine time is really scarce.

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Has there been any solutions made to do the "last 10th of an inch cut? I’m sitting here watching the machine go in circles just for that extra little bit that I don’t even know will be enough…

Welcome to the forum Armando!

one method is to change the depth per pass (in the bit settings at the top right) setting to be more than the material, then it will plunge to the depth of material and do the carve in one pass. Much faster than a bunch of unnecessary step downs… Easel also has an Additional Depth option when you set the cut depth to full depth, this could cause it to go deeper than intended though…

Is this a brand new Xcarve by chance? because if it is then it could be a different issue than easel settings that we’ve been seeing regarding the mount of the Z axis preventing it from plunging as deep as users would like… simple fix if this is the root cause of the carve depth issue…