Go Board from Tile

FYI: For those that do not know, Go is an ancient Asian game. Though it is laid out differently, you can think of it like a Chess Board for production purposes…

I am wanting to take a large tile, say something in the 24" x 24" range and etch the game board onto the tile/marble.

I plan on partially filling the lines/markings with paint so I assume either a v or ball nosed would be wanted. (I would prefer they not be flat.)

I am also wanting to make game markers for another project and would want recommendations for cutting outline parts as well.


  1. I’ve only ever worked with wood and assume I do not have the proper bits, or correct speeds. Recommendations on bit type and speeds would be appreciated.

  2. Would different bit for Ceramic vs. Marble be wanted?

My carbide vbits work fine on marble (the marble mills better than most wood), just be sure have a good dust shoe becuase there will be lots of marble dust.

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Thanks much. Dust show is in the works…

Any suggestions on feed and router speeds?

Excellent thread. Very interested in learning how to use the X-Carve with Marble, Ceramic, etc.

Allen, which carbide bits (specifically) do you use?

I am using the Whiteside 60 degree for most jobs.

I have also used the 11 degree bit for very fine details

I cut at 30 ipm with an RPM of 8,000. You also need to be very careful with your DOC and not let a program like Vcarve try to plunge the bit. I have found that keeping the DOC to about .03 to .05 works well.

Thank you Allen, appreciate the help!