Go Hawks! Here is my new Seahawks coffee table


Nicely done! I just finished up a Seahawk bar for a buddy of mine

Very cool.

Show-and-tell… I made this by hand before I got into CNC, but now that I’m extending my machine to 1.5 meters, it’s going to be possible to reproduce it very easily. I want to build a copy for my office at work. :slight_smile:

Go Hawks!


Delivered this just yesterday, lots of X-carve
Lasering and carving. Go Hawks!


Damn thats awesome!! did you just do the background out of acrylic then layer the rest on top?

wow thats intense! nicely done!

Thanks I still have to pour the glaze resin top. Then its going over to our campsite in Cle Elum where i will attach some logs i cut for the custom legs. Its a birthday present for my niece. I will post a family pic of everyone enjoying it. Cuz hey that’s what its all about right?

I just spent 4 days at Suncadia golfing, love it over there in Cle Elum! Your niece is going to love that table!


Thanks. The back plate is 1/2" ply and the front is 1/4" ply raised on blocks and bolted to the back plate. LED strip lights provide the illumination. It’s mounted on a slab of particle board wrapped in blue cloth.

Did you mount the LEDs at the bottom and point them upwards? Looks great!

Thanks for the link!

They’re mounted on the raised plate pointing down so the light reflects off the white background.

Ya Cle Elum is basically our second home. We have camping membership over there right on small lake and nestled along Yakima river. Everyone is like family over there we fish, bbq, campfires at each others lot. We spend as much time as we can over there it’s always an awesome getaway!

on a sea hawks theme


A twenty-seven yard field goal… Who misses a 27 yarder? It would have been great to be a Seahawks fan that day my friends.

I know, I’m assuming it was like kicking an ice cube shaped like a football.

wow! now that’s a cool idea!!

But…but…the SEAHAWKS???


Probably the same guy who missed the kick for the Vikings a good number of years ago under Denny Green when they were in the last game before getting into the super bowl and blew their chance. I still think that was rigged.

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