Go To last Home location

As the topic says

When I do multiple cuts on the same piece, I use the last home position to keep everything aligned. But I have to start the old job, then cancel, then it returns to that position, then increase Z axis, change bit, and reset z, and set new home position.

It would be awesome to have an option that allows you to go to the last home position at the click of an icon.

When a job finishes, it should return to the home position that was specified at the beginning.
Say for instance you’re running a job that requires 2 bit changes.
• Click “Carve” in Easel, it asks you to home the machine.
• Job runs, finishes, goes back to the home position you set prior.
• Raise spindle, change bit, lower spindle to work piece
• Click Carve again but this time you can ignore the homing message as long as you didn’t move the spindle on the X or Y axes.
• Job runs, finishes, returns to home.
• Rinse, repeat.

thread necromancy here… Sorry, but I am having an interesting issue…

I am cutting multiples of the same design… I put it in the same location so I am using ‘use last Home position…’

I do the homing after each carve so it knows where Machine 0,0,0 is… Then click use last, and it seems to be getting deeper and deeper as I carve each progressive piece… Theories?