Going from manual speed control to automatic:

Ok, i had a friend of mine build this for me (due to my lack of mechanical ability lol). Originally he set it up for manual speed control. After some use and learning how this machine works, I’ve decided that I’d rather have Easel control the speed and the on/off of the spindle

I have the quiet spindle and 48v power supply. I made the changes from this post: Quiet Cut Spindle, Speed Controller and PWM that was sent to me, and now i can’t get my spindle to start.

Everything else seems to work fine. All axis move.

Any ideas?

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What version of grbl do you have on your machine?

Grbl’s Pins

Depending on version of Grbl, notice subtle difference on pin-outs on right side.
I have the Arduino, btw.

I have the Arduino/gShield motion controller kit


Post your $$ output from grbl here.