Gone - X-Carve 500 for sale - Portland

Looking to upgrade to the 1000mm x-carve and May sell my 500mm X-carve. Comes with everything but router, router bracket and controller. Happy to chat if you are interested. Thinking of selling it for around $300 preferably local to Portland.

Sounds like a good deal… but why not just upgrade your 500 to a 100 with the parts?

Debating between upgrading vs. buying new. It cost more but I like the idea of getting a new kit and assembling vs. tearing mine down and swapping out parts. If somebody is local and needs a small guy and they can save a few hundred dollars its a win/win.

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Ok Bob…that is a beast!!! Nice work!!

Hey did you ever sell this? I’m definitely interested!

Hey Benjamin,

thanks for reaching out. I ended up giving it to my dad to use for his wood business. Thanks again!!