GonzoNerd's First Carve

Here is my first carve with some leftover MDF. I still think that I am cutting a bit too deep.


Looks good.

Looks good. How deep did you go?

Probably a little too deep, but it still looks great.

It might be a good candidate for an epoxy fill project.

Is this a “I’m telling it X but it’s cutting deeper than that” or a “I can’t figure out how deep is ideal for carvings”?

Justin, I am going to go with a little of both. I had set the depth at .125 and I am across the board by a fraction. This is probably too deep for basic engraving.

I have measured the Z axis movement, done the calculations and changed the $102 a few times but I am still off. Any tips for doing this since I have less room to measure than the X and Y?

Mid cut I realized that the upper right portion of the piece was warped up since I only had two clamps when I started cutting. I now have 4. This explains why the lettering is deeper than anything else.

This would be a great time to try out the epoxy.

The epoxy will hide the change of depth. Check out this method

Grab a digital caliper and check the depth at a few spots.