Good bit for planing down my wasteboard/work area?

I think I have my machine pretty much dialed in now, but I can’t seem to get my waste board perfectly level(probably cause I bought off the shelf mdf and made it myself). So I’m thinking I’ll just use the router to plane it down so I know it is flat. What kind of bit can I order/use for this, that I can also use for some woods for planing the surfaces later on? Hopefully something bigger than my 1/4" so it will go quicker.

Get yourself a fly cutter bit with a .25 inch shank

I think that spinning a fly cutter at router speed would be asking for trouble.

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I use a 3/4" router bit as well.
Makes pretty quick work. 20 minutes at most.

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I used one like this and it worked fine in my Dewalt at setting 1.

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Something like one of these:

I actually bought a 1-1/4 surfacing bit with a 1/4" shank. Can’t get into my Amazon account right now, but I’ve used it to surface a wasteboard add-on I use.

It works great, took the surfacing down to only 38 minutes.

It throws a LOT of dust when surfacing MDF, have a dust shoe!

Ok. That’s not a fly cutter.

Cool, I have a harbor freight on the way home so I think I’ll just stop there and grab one listed above. Thanks for the help.

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It said fly cutter on the box. But I know what you mean, that is not what I think a fly cutter is either.

Here’s that bit I use…

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On the Harbor Freight note, I picked up a kit of 4 that has a 3/4" straight bit, as well as a v and some others for $7.99 last time I was there.
Some of there stuff is a great deal. Some of it, you get what you pay for…

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Hey Phil how do you set up the toolpath and tool in vcarve/aspire with that harbor freight bit?

Ok awesome makes sense. Thanks !

If you leave an .125 inch lip on the left and front that is left high you will have a nice way to square your material with the machine when you place it on the wasteboard. This is nice because you will know it is perfectly square with the x and y axis, because they cut it.

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I bought this one

it works very well and for 25 bux it was worth every penny.
The only issue I have is it doesn’t work with the dust boot. I will have to get a new top and make the hole bigger. (I have the suckkit)