Good source for acrylic scraps to play with

Hit my local glass shop and scored their scrap acrylic garbage can for free. My buddy knows the owner and told me to go see what they had but I’m sure most shops just throw the stuff out so wouldn’t hurt to try your luck. It’s nothing really good enoigh for finished products but a nice pile of scraps for me to experiment with to learn how to cut it properly. That being said what would people recommend for bits feeds and speeds for cutting or engraving? No clue if this stuff is cast or extruded and the guy at the counter had no idea either.

I have a few thicker pieces with paper backing in the bottom of the box. Oh well even if it is crap it was free and on my way home so no time or money lost grabbing it.

Even here in a small town is a company that does acrylic displays and lets me pick his throw outs. He has given me a few larger pieces as well to play with. Never hurts to ask!

Tap Plastics often sells larger pieces from their off-cuts for a dollar or so. If you grab a few of them, they’ll often cut the price even further. I’ve raided that bin a lot.

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