Good USED scrap Hdu board and cast acrylic. Jacksonville FL

HI I just sold my x-carve but I have alot of extra good usable sign board (hdu board 15lb grade) 24"x24" and also have 12"x12"x 3/16"cast acrylic (6 pieces) and three pieces of 12x12x1/8" cast acrylic and also 24x12x3/16" (three pieces, and other misc scrap pieces if you are interested? If so make me a offer, I will sell it cheap, no need for it now.

I am interested in the Cast acrylic. How much for all the pieces you mentioned? I am willing to pay $30 max for what you have and shipping. Depends on the cost of shipping really. Some places are low and others are very high. I live in California.
Need to look up shipping so do you have a weight estimate?
Also I will have to wait till May 5th as I will have cash then.
Let me know.

how much for the lot shipped to 30041?

Just got payed so if you still have the stuff please let me know.

If you haven’t sold I live in j’ville call me at 962-6604 I will come get it.