Good websites for pre made designs?

I’m looking for some pre made designs (specifically for valentines). Will be mass produced.

Feel free to post your own!

Go to ‘’, enter “valentines day cnc”, press enter.

Try these:

Wouldnt be posting here if i didnt already try that :wink:

Not much came up.

Look for scroll saw patterns as well

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That got some ideas flowing, thanks.

Still trying to find full on designs though (signs with hearts in them), not just clipart stuff. Thats why i think purchasing a design would be best. Plus I dont mind supporting the designers hard work

Take a look at this one:

I added that to clarify how much detail i’m looking for. I work for my sisters crafting company that was on Shark Tank, we have a lot of customers. I’m in charge of keeping the cnc running, thats why i was just looking for some pre designed stuff. But yes, i agree. After searching, just gonna design one myself.

Time is the issue. I’m slow at designing still haha.

Totally what i was looking for! Thanks man

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That’s what I was thinking, especially knowing its a larger business apparently.

We have 20 employees . 4 of which are woodshop. Were not that large… we sell very few wood products comparing to what our business is built around.

But if ya’ll are offended then just dont comment. Do i need to read the statement that arrived in my X Carve box written by the owner himself? Inventables was started to help people like me to be able to cnc on a small scale and learn on. Yet, theres a lot of trolls on here that are “experienced” on the forum that talk down on others, when really, they should be carving sh*t.


Again Robert, your comments can be very blunt and easily taken the wrong way lol!

I gotta ask… whats the company that was on Shark Tank?

Just dont want people to think i’m gonna “steal business” cause i most certainly will not. Our cnc production is very small. Just trying to learn here.

Eco Flower. Its a very long story, but my sister left the company due to the shady investors that she already had. The investors even scared off Daymond, a deal was made on tv but never went through. My sister started another “like” company and long story short, Eco Flower is on their last breath.

Yep :wink:

Geeze Phil. That was punfull! I had to read it three times before I saw it.

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Dammit Jim

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I’v got some nice ones from Etsy to help me get practice.