Good workbench size for 1000

What would you recommend and could you send along any pictures of something you think works well.



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Hey Paul…

Lots of pics already up on the forum…

Check this out X-Carve Workspace Showcase

As well… a quick search on workbenches will find a ton o’ posts…

Have fun!


I went with 1200mm square for the XC 1000 and I just barely fit the machine in without the x controller. I had to do a workaround and mount the controller to the outside. Just somethingto keep in mind.

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Agree with the bigger better… I went 48 x 48"…

Gives me room in the front for calipers, bits and stuff… and room on the side for the xcontroller, bits and stuff… :slight_smile:

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I posted this in the main thread but adding it here.

Thoughts on dimensions and an enclosure? I will need to figure out how high the dust removal device sits above the machine so I can determine how high the enclosure should be…

This box is 1200mm less the thickness of the walls which works out at 1164mm. As you can see in the pic ,after you allow room for your y motors and drag chain, there is no room for the x controller . The wires for the motors and limit switches are not long enough to bring the x controller to the front of the bench .
I had to open a couple of links on the drag chain in order to fit the controller on the outside.

I think I have the dimensions down now. I also incorporated the dimensions for the side mounting organizer. This give me plenty of room length wise and about 7" between the front and back.