Goof-ball story time!

Hey everyone lol I am curious how many of you reuse your broken bits?

say your scooten along in your magic school bus and then bam!!! goofy comes out of the woodwork and now you have a broken bit!!

these suckers are not cheap lol

The bit pictured below has cut a total of 3 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood into 4" and 5" squares. AFTER IT BROKE!!!

I’ve found that when I crush the tip off my V-bits, I can typically keep using them. :smile: I’ve also saved a couple stubs, mostly so that when I get the time I can check the RPM’s on my 611 using a tachometer.

Depends on the bit and the damage, really. If the damage is minor or in a place that doesn’t typically see use (good example being the Freud up-shear spiral that I ran into a hold-down screw in a G28 hose up when I was still learning about G28/28.1. It picked up some horrendous chipping on the cutting edge, but the damage was in the very top of the bit, about 3/8-1/2" from the tip. Since I typically only use the bottom 1/4" of the 1/8" bit, I’ve been keeping right on using it. So far, so good! I would anticipate it eventually snapping in the damaged area when I get too aggressive with my feeds, or manage to crash the mill again… but I’ve used it more after damage than before, and it’s still working fine.