Google chrome issue

I have a picture that has a lot of scans in it for detail, so I understand it will take some time to process. But while siting google chrome eventually pops up with an awe snap notice with a white browser screen. So I have to hit refresh and start all over and it does the same thing. I have my screen saver set to go off after 2 hours as well as computer sleep time at 2 hours, which doesn’t bother google or cause chrome to drop. Any suggestions? I am using WIFI with decent connection.

Try going to “Machine->Advanced->Generate G-Code”. That has worked for me for complex carves.

Thank you, but I tried that, it just sat there also for hours and froze up at about 1/3 of the way. Just having to use a different software program… I would love it if Easel did better on that. Yes I could instal more RAM in this computer, but not sure that would fix all as it might still be an Easel issue in part.

When I did it I just let it sit overninght and it was done in the morning. I don’t think RAM makes a difference…I have 12gb.

The other thing you might try is blocking off part of the design and only make G-Code for part, then block off another part & make that g-code. I did the Aztec calendar in four quadrants & it worked.

Good luck!

Hey thanks I might have to go that route. But how did you and can I cut this up into 4 pieces or even 2 pieces? I apologize, but I don’t know enough to amount to a hill of beans on that aspect of cutting it up and then putting it into place…

I tried leaving mine open for 6 hours or longer, and it sat in the same place about 1/3 of the way done. I have 8mb ram… Tried, and tried, and tried again waisted a whole day plus trying that sit and wait.

Okay I need some serious help here. I tried making a color g code file with a lot of scans, and obviously by my previous posts could not get easel to load it despite letting it sit for 6+ hours it stays at a max of 1/3 done. Cutting it up into pieces might work if, someone can give a fair detail of how to.
I have turned the picture into a sketch of the picture (black and white with less detail), and using adobe to lighten the nose and eyes, so no deep holes, and whited out the dark hair under the nose, so it doesn’t route one big nose/mouth. I run the program through inkscape, and I try the simplify, and the union to make it easier for easel to carve what the picture looks like in easel. I also limit the scans a range I have tried is 4-12 scans, but it comes out on easel example looking like garbage, so I don’t even bother carving it. I don’t understand it looks okay in the adobe and in the inkscape, but when I bring it to easel no matter how much I try to tweak it, it looks either very little detail or garbage…

I have spent half an hour or so trying to find a free g code program that might work better than inkscape, but to no avail.

I am at my wits end why is this so hard what am I doing wrong!

Please help.


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Here’s what I did.

I set the center of the Aztec calendar position to the center of the “Dice” thing.
I then moved the center of the Aztec calendar to X=0, Y=0.
I then made two boxes, one 12" x 12" and one 12" x 24". I set them to pocket cut with a depth of “0”, and sent both of them to “Bring to front”
I then located those boxes to cover up 3/4 of the calendar Use the “Position” for each box to be sure the lie on the X or Y axis. You should now only see 1/4 of the calendar.
Using “Machine-> Advanced=>Generate G-Code” That will generate the G-Code for 1/4 of the Calendar. Save the file, move the boxes to expose a different quadrant of the calendar & repeat until you’ve made four files, each with different names.
Now, load the G-Code four separate workpieces, and carve each one.
Good luck!