Google drive upload

I have been trying to upload google drive in images and get no results. When i hit images it opens then i hit the google drive button and it continues to reload the google drive symbol. with not letting me into the files.

This forum is to discuss CNC related topics. For Google drive questions, you should be in the google forums.

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I think Easel can import images from Google drive and/or photos.
@Jray If that’s what you’re trying to do, describe it here. As a workaround, just download the image and insert it from your hard drive.

When I open up the trace image program the face book
Google drive appears. When I try to connect to google drive it blinks a couple times, then takes me back to open google drive. It never opens it so that I may import an image. I’ve tried several times.

Not sure what this means.

I just tried to import an image from Google Drive in Easel and it worked.
What browser are you using?