Gopro Mount?

So finally bit the bullet on a new Gopro Hero 5 today. Has anyone made a nice POV Gopro mount for the X-Carve yet? Should I start from scratch? I’m thinking of making an arm that will wrap around the router and come out about 24" where I can attach it to a standard Gopro mount. Either way I should have some cool X-carve project videos coming as soon as I figure it out. :slight_smile:


???:flushed: Brian, we miss you.
I have no idea what is POV Gopro mount. Can’t wait to see good project pictures from you.

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@AlanDavis good to be back :slight_smile: been so cold sitting in the garage with the x-carve is really tough, been inside with the 3d printers lately but hoping the video camera gets me back out there. POV = point of view

@RobertCanning I was looking at one of those and a few others, but I like the view this guy (youtube link ) gets with his mount and am looking to try the same idea but tweak it to the x-carve.

Just make one like he did.

I just drilled a hole into my dust shoe for the endoscope…

Not sure i’m going to keep the Gopro yet, takes so much time to post process the video’s. I’ll wait a few days before deciding