Got an X-Carve for Christmas! - it's on order

Surprised to say the least…but my sweetheart presented me with a picture and parts list of everything from the inventable web site for an X-Carve she ordered. She ordered the beast-sized 1000mm variety. I expect to be visiting these forums a lot more in the coming weeks and months. Looking forward to making some cool stuff in the months to come.

Merry Christmas all!


Congrats, welcome to the club!

Man I need to get a girlfriend lol

congrats man and welcome to the fourm and the x-carve lifestyle


Damn get her a ring! That’s an awesome Christmas gift


HAHA problem is I dont see the girls running towards me so apparently not to many people are talking

She has a ring…I bought it for her over 28 years ago. :wink:


diamonds do last a life time!!

good on ya mate!

I’ll be spending the next few weeks before the machine arrives brushing up on my F360 skills, reading the forums for tips/tricks before I ever build it, and finding a place in my garage for it to live.

Any particular threads I should start with?

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All of them… :slight_smile:

Seriously though. Read. Absorb. Read. Absorb. Rinse, lather, Repeat.

There is a ton to read up on and every little bit will help … Very Disappointed

(oh, and Phil, Bob, Curtis, Allen, Robert and everyone else on this forum will be there for ya!)



Congratulations. Welcome aboard!

Thanks. I’ve already started reading. :wink: I’m particularly interested in dust collection and guards, etc to keep the dust and debris out of the moving parts. I read your entire thread on your dust collection attachment, nice job.

Welcome aboard! Learn what you can before it arrives and do what you can to prepare for it. Make sure that you’ve got plenty of room to work and the necessary tools. When you begin the build, take your time and do it right – don’t get impatient. If you have questions, there are plenty of knowledgeable folks here to help you out. Most of all, have fun! :wink:

Guess we are X-Carve brothers. Got to order an x-carve for Christmas as well. Built a table for mine today. But I’m not anxious or excited at all, (sarcasm), LOL. Reckon it’ll be all I can do to not bother these folks a bit before it ships.

I spent a bit of vacation over the holidays designing a workbench for my new (hopefully arriving soon) Xcarve. Not quite 4x8’ but close. I added the Jet lathe and disk sander just for perspective.

The back side shows the dust collection I designed and will be enclosed and built-in. The design is adapted from something similar to what Mathias Wandel designed with a two-bucket dust vortex(I designed and already use). It should all work out ok.

I’ll get started building it next week…while my wife is out of state for a few weeks. :wink:

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Received two emails from Inventables today; one indicating which parts have been shipped, another telling what parts are back-ordered and their expected ship dates. It won’t be long now…

Well…it’s been 8 weeks now; so much for the ‘6-8 weeks’ expected shipping times…sigh. Still waiting on that XController to ship.

Yeah it’s been ten weeks for me so far. They sent me a notice that it would ship on the 2/15 but followed up with another email saying 2/20 at the earliest. I would image a bulk shipment will go out once the parts arrive and pass their quality check so I am betting yours may go out along that same timing.

We’ve never received any notice about any ‘expected’ ship date. I am, however, able to use this time to build a new workbench, dust collection system, buy some additional ‘upgrades’ and start stocking my Easel account with projects. Hopefully soon it’ll be here.