Got V-Carve Pro, what do I need to have to send it to my x-carve?

I just got the V-Carve Pro. I have job ready to go. I have used Easel many times. What do I need to get to allow my computer to send it to my X-Carve???

First thing is that you will need to correct post processor for Vcarve

Copy these three files into your My_PostP directory for Vcarve

You can find that directory by opening the file menu in Vcarve and then clicking the “Open Application Data Folder” button

easel.pp (3.0 KB)
X_Carve_inch.pp (3.9 KB)
X_Carve_mm.pp (3.9 KB)

Then you just pick the post processor you want when you save your toolpath.

Use the Ease PP if you want to import the gcode into Easel

Use either the mm or Inch PP if you want to use the Universal Gcode Sender to send the gcode to X-Carve

Allen beat me to it, but said it better!

I am not sure if I am just over thinking it all, but I am not getting it. How do I copy the files??

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I am not sure if I am just over thinking it all, but I am not getting it. How do I copy the files?

If you click them they will download to your download directory, then you can copy them to the correct folder

it just asked to open or save. so I save them to the My_PostP?

@JasonHope in Easel you can click “import” and then there will be a menu item for g-code. You’ll export from V-Carve pro and import into Easel.

YEA, I found it :slight_smile: Thanks all for your help

I see from the ‘import’ pull down menu two options -SVG and -image trace. I don’t see gcode. What am I missing here? I would love to be able to import my gcode from vcarve into easel.

i believe its a testing process at the moment and only given to people who have asked to try it out before release.
Hoping we all get it soon as im struggling with bcnc and UGS

I don’t understand why folks are having trouble with UGS. I use the latest nightly build and am having no issues. I ran a job yesterday that was 290,000 lines without a glitch. It’s much more straight-forward to save your gcode from VCarve, then run it in UGS.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Easel for what it does but I also go for simple.

Yeah, I don’t get it. I’m running 1.0.9 with no problems.

I had random issues with UGS in the past so shifted over to the Picsender as my primary method of taking vcarve gcode and sending it to the x-carve. In the case of the new feature of importing gcode into easel- I saw it as an opportunity to finally share my projects created in vcarve to easel users. As I started with cnc operations back in April 2015 (so long ago…ha), I was very thankful for people who were willing to share their projects. I was able to use those beginning projects as a way to learn more about the machine as well as the software involved.


I had a couple of issues with v1.09 not liking large gcode files, but that was corrected by shifting to v2.0.

VCarve gcode can be shared with Easel users regardless of what you use to send it to your CNC. VCarve produces the same gcode whatever you use to send to to XCarve.

Agreed and good point. The text file could be shared pretty easily in the forum. I guess I had hoped that the gcode could be translated back into a viewable file to work with within easel. This would make it easier to publish for others to use.

@JeremyHill they were right you were missing the feature! I just added you.

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@Venessa you’ve got g-code import as of today. Enjoy!

Thank you. Awesome!